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At Numo, our strategies begin with the fact that every client is unique and we do not implement the same tactics and practices to all. Our in-house Google Ads team in Abu Dhabi are proficient in creating customized strategies which can assist you reach a broad audience, build awareness and in return improve your online visibility. We optimize the ads account on a regular basis to drive more sales and qualified traffic to the website while maintaining the overall health of the ads account.

As Google Ads begins with an objective and a campaign, our PPC team is highly experienced in setting up the right campaign type for you. Be it Search Ads, Display Ads, Video Ads or Shopping Ads, we have got you covered.

We ensure your marketing plan is in alignment with your budget. So if you are looking to get your website on Google search, improve your website traffic, drive sales and achieve your business objectives then, look no further, Numo is here to help!

Why Numo?

Our Result-Oriented Google Ads Approach

Performance & Insights

Google Ads Account Audit &

Keywords Research

Google ads account Audit, also known in the digital marketing realm as SEM Audit, is an intensive review of your Google ads account, which results in highlighting the areas negatively affecting your ads performance. An in-depth analysis of your ads account is conducted by our team of experts to identify the issues and check if there’s room for improvement. This step is followed by keywords research to discover the right keywords which can get your ad in front of the right audience. Our PPC team is hands-on in searching the relevant terms for your business. Once this is done, our experts execute a custom advertising plan for each business to reach its goals.

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Lead Generation

Google Search


Google Search is the best campaign to gain leads/sign up as it caters to users who are actively searching online for the service now.
This campaign is easy to set up and doesn’t involve special assets. Search Ads help you reach your desired goals with highly relevant targeting.
The Google Ads team at Numo are highly efficient in what they do. So if you are looking for Google Ads services, contact us now and we are here to help!

Brand Awareness

Google Display


Display campaigns are visually engaging ads on the Google Display Network. You can have a massive reach and meaningful engagements on Display Network. This campaign is fruitful not only for brand awareness but also for delivering low cost clicks to the website. Display Ads use machine learning solutions to optimize the campaign and to reach across the audiences.
Here at Numo, our PPC experts are well versed in crafting the strategies that best suit your business goals.

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Drive Sales, Leads and Web Traffic

Let Us launch, Manage & Optimize Your Google Ads campaigns with our Customized Strategies