How to Avoid Over-Optimizing Your Anchor Text


If you have been doing SEO for a while you probably know the importance of using the anchor text. Anchor Text is the visible clickable text in a hyperlink. SEO-friendly anchor text should be clear, short, and relevant to the linking page.

Example: Best SEO Company in Dubai

Why Is Anchor Text Important?

A descriptive and relevant anchor text can improve the visibility of a website in search engines. It also enhances user experience.

Anchor Text Types

  • Exact Match – If an anchor text was an exact match that includes the exact keywords in the hyperlink. For example, using a keyword SEO Service link to an SEO services page in numo.
  • Partial Match – If an anchor text includes the variation of the keyword linked to the page. For example SEO Content Marketing Services link to a content marketing page of Numo.
  • Branded – Using branded keywords in the hyperlink. For example, numo social media agencies link to social media pages.
  • Generic – Using Generic keywords like “Click here”. Also, it doesn’t help Google and users to determine what a page is about.
  • Naked Link – When the link to be used as an anchor text is a naked link. This can be used as a reference link in articles. Always use naked link anchor text when needed because this looks messy to the users.
  • Images – If an image in an article is used as a link, google will use the image alt text as anchor text.

A few things you can use to avoid over-optimizing your anchor text:

anchor text 1 1

Using of variety anchor text:

Instead of using the exact keywords for all your anchor text, Try to use different varieties of keywords in the anchor text links. Which includes descriptive phrases, long tail keywords, synonyms, and LSI Keywords.

For example, linking to a numo page “SEO services” with the anchor text “SEO service”. But you can use the following variety of anchor text.

  • Best seo services in Abu Dhabi
  • Seo Company in Dubai

Avoid using exact-match keywords

Do not use exact match keywords excessively Because it looks spammy and unnatural and it may bring a penalty to your website from Google.

Give preference to natural anchor text

Avoid using generic keywords like read more or click here. Instead, use the descriptive and natural keywords that describe the linked pages. In short, this anchor text gives an idea of what they can expect on the linking page. Google also gives preference and improves ranking in Google SERP.

Use a mix of anchor text types

We can split the anchor text into 2 main categories and that is branded anchor text and non-branded anchor text. Branded keywords included your brand name. Branded anchor text included generic, exact, and partial match keywords. Using both branded and non-branded keywords will increase the user’s visibility and ranking.

Monitor your anchor text

Monitoring the anchor text will help you to identify the potential over-optimization of the anchor text. Using tools like ahref and Google search console can provide enough information. If you find using the same anchor text then change those with diversified keywords.

Do not forget the surrounding text

By using the above step and suggestion you can avoid over-optimizing the anchor text, avoid penalties and improve your website performance.